Vision, Mission & Values

To be a global leader in heritage, research and management.

To promote the conservation and sustainable utilization of national heritage through generation, documentation and dissemination of research and collection management knowledge, information and innovations.


  • Heritage Promotion, Collection and Documentation: NMK houses one of the most unique and diverse collections in the world. The collections are categorized into two major areas that include Natural History and Cultural/History/Musicological.
  • Research: NMK undertakes research based on cultural and natural history in various fields as well as research in biomedical and bio- conservation in collaboration with other research and development institutions.
  • Preservation and Conservation: NMK has the mandate to preserve/ conserve all its collections which range from tangible to intangible, move and immovable, in-situ and ex-situ.
  • Information Dissemination: NMK synthesizes the information generated from research and collections and presents the same to the public for the purpose of raising awareness and learning amongst the general population through exhibitions, education programmes and other multimedia channels.

The NMK shall endeavor to uphold the following key values in the delivery of services to all our clients/stakeholders:

  • Scientific excellence, ethics and flexibility.
  • Partnerships for collaborative advantage and synergies.
  • Impact, performance and service orientation.
  • Effective knowledge and information management.
  • Respect for staff and client diversity.
  • Transparency, accountability and cost-effectiveness.

Customer Service Charter
Strategic Plan 2009 – 2014
National Museums Heritage Act of 2006