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Shops and Restaurants at the Museum 
Our museums also have shops and restaurants within. A place you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Louis Leakey Auditorium
The Louis Leakey Auditorium was opened in 1977 to honor the life and work of Louis Seymour Bazey Leakey, a man who provided a quantum leap in our understanding of the origins of man through his works in East Africa. The facility underwent a major rehabilitation in 2008 thanks to friends of the museum, a project that was spear headed by the Kenya Museum Society and funded by the Safaricom Foundation, resulting in a State of the Art facility with the best acoustics in East and Central Africa.
The Auditorium has become Nairobi’s preferred venue for hosting a variety of events from Seminars, workshops to film shows, a favorite for performing artists. Our highly qualified staff are always available to give you exceptional customer service. Book your next event with us and experience the latest in technology with exceptionally efficient customer service and experience quality service with a unique touch of Kenya’s heritage.

Audio Visual Productions
Check out this paintings, Numerous publications and video documentary detailing the work undertaken by NMK and capturing many aspects of our heritage have been produced. They are targeted to different groups and are offered for sale at most NMK outlets.

The Audi Visual productions are on subjects such as culture, promotion of museums, public awareness on environmental issues etc. Some of the productions have won top awards in various international video competitions. The publications are a result of research activities either by our researchers either at NMK or in collaborations with other researchers in other organizations, and address varied issues both in the cultural and natural heritage.

NMK holds the largest collection of hominid, hominoid and ercopithecoid fossils found in Kenya. Many of these fossils from sites throughout East Africa are now available as high quality casts. They are reproduced with precision for scientific research, teaching and exhibition purposes.


NMK has several Nature trails and Botanic Gardens, some of which have been developed into picnic/recreational and educational sites. For nature lovers, these sites provide a rich faunal life, bird life, a variety of insects and mammals i.e. The Nairobi Botanic Garden.
Some of the programmes i.e. Elangata Wuas in Kajiado, are people driven initiatives aimed at establishing systems for sustainable resource management to generate income and support food security strategies. Some of the activities include:

  • Training and community empowerment
  • Sustainable management of dry woodlands.

Educational Programs 
Education programs offered include: Slide, film, video shows and illustrated talks on a variety of topics related to Kenya’s rich heritage. There are special programs targeted for schools within the vicinity of our regional museums. Each term, the schools are notified of the upcoming education programs.

Venue Hire
NMK facilities can be hired for a variety of functions ranging from dinners to concerts, cocktails to product launches and much more. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, book your next event with us for a unique touch of Kenya’s rich heritage. For more information visit a museum near you.

This is our major medium for interpreting and presentation of the knowledge attained through our research undertakings.

Training & Consultancy 
NMK organizes short-term courses in various fields related to the preservation and promotion of both cultural and natural heritage. Find out more about these courses offered through our affiliated institutions both locally and internationally.