The Phytochemistry unit was established in 1987as a backup center to support research, documentation and conservation to revitalize research products and services. It is based at the museum’s herbarium building 3rd floor in the NMK headquarters.


To be anexcellent centre for phytochemical research



To be excellent in offering services in natural products and environmental science research with improved knowledge, understanding and practices.



  1. Conduct natural products research on the Kenya’s economically useful flora and fauna with regard bioactivity, chemotaxonomy, compound isolation, identification and classification.
  2. Collaborate with KENRIK in value adding in research collection, documentation and presentation of useful plants information.
  3. Develop relevant databases and disseminate information with the purpose of increasing knowledge, help policy makers and aid conservation initiatives.
  4. Provide / support research and training programmes to students and staff of higher institutions of learning innatural products.
  5. Promote/ support and liase with other departments of NMK to strengthen public education programmes.

Research activities and projects

Research activities,

-Natural products research programmes – Phytochemistry

  • Field research and collection
  • Lab analysis – extraction, separation, purification, identification and characterization
  • Bioassays tests.
  • Phytochemical screenings.

-Environmental science programmes

  • Chemical waste management
  • Health and safety procedures

-Ongoing projects

  • Characterization andmanagements of hazardous (solid) wastes in the national research and academicinstitutions in Kenya.

-Past projects and other initiatives

  • Osero medicinal project
  • Rain harvesting project
  • Ethno Medicinal Data Validation


Dr.Ali Adan Ali (PHD)- Head, Phytochemistry Section

Mr. Solomon Cheboi Kemboi- Phytochemistry Lab Technologist

Mr. Peter B. M. Ngolo- PhytochemistryLab. Technologist) Analytical chemistry

Ms. Daisy Nyawira Njeru- Ass. Research scientist