Osteology Section

Osteology is a section in the Zoology Department that collects and preserves modern skeletons of all vertebrates from all over the world but mostly from Kenya and East Africa. The collection is used by researchers from various fields such as Zoology, veterinary and human medicine, forensic science, Paleontology and Archaeology.

The collection has approximately 13,000 skeletons. So far 2,335 bird skeletons, 398 fish, 8,713 of mammals and 645 reptiles have been databased.

Research Theme: Human- Wildlife Conflicts

Internship for University and other tertiary institutions students, biannual thematic conference and biannual Museum open days.

The section offers the following services: Forensic services in wildlife trophies, Species identification on collections from archaeological sites and specialized talks to colleges and university students.


  • Dr. Ogeto Mwebi (Senior Research Scientist & Head of Osteology section)
  • Esther Nguta (Research Scientist)
    Research Focus Area: Identification and analysis of Acheological Bone Remains (Fish & Mammals); Morphometrics of human skulls
  • Ben Nyakundi Meroka (Assistant Research Scientist)
    Research Focus Area: Analysis of Archeological bone remains; Identification of game trophies, Long bone Morphometrics- a species discriminant tool
  • Veronica Onduso
    Research Focus Area: Analysis of Archeological bone remains.
  • Maina Mwangi (Skeleton Preparator)

Staff Profile