Mombasa Butterfly House

Mombasa Butterfly House is a Live Butterfly Exhibit which presents a paradise of tropical butterflies and invites you to enjoy natural environment, learn about biodiversity and its connection to local communities.

We do offer an ideal environment for events such as: Exhibitions, Picnic site, Reception, Photo/film shooting, Research & Lectures on Biodiversity/Environment conservation.

The butterfly house is located behind Fort Jesus. It is approached from the front by a footpath between the Fort, and the historic old law courts and Mombasa County Building.

We are open daily From 8:30am- 5:30pm


VISITOR CATEGORY                  CHARGE (Kshs)
Non-Resident Adult                           500.00
Non-Resident Child                           250.00
East African  Resident Adult            200.00
East African Resident Child             100.00
Kenya Citizen Adult                           100.00
Kenya Citizen Child                            50.00

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For More Information contact

P.O.Box 83179- 80100
Tel: 0719- 874472