National Museums of Kenya

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Cultural Heritage Department


To research, collect, document, preserve and present to the public, Kenya’s cultural heritage for education purposes and appreciation.

The cultural department mainly engages in research and collection of the Kenya’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
The department currently consists of two sections:

  • Culture and History
  • Art




The areas of specialisation include anthropology, art, history, linguistics, human ecology, ethnographies-ornithology, conservation, collections and heritage management. The department has an outreach programme known as the “Culture and Heritage Clubs of Kenya”, which creates awareness of the country’s rich heritage to the general public and learning institutions.



  • To collect and document Kenya’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage and preserve them for posterity.
  • Present the ethnographic collections to the public through exhibitions and lectures for educational purposes and for the public’s consumption.
  • Conduct research on relevant socio-cultural themes in Kenya and disseminate the findings to the public
  • To promote the appreciation of the rich and diverse cultures of Kenya through the ‘Culture and Heritage Clubs of Kenya’.
  • To research document and promote the application of indigenous knowledge for the conservation and for development.
  • Collaborate with other institutions both locally and internationally to fulfil the above stated objectives