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Swahili Classes
Lesson Schedule
The Research Institute of Swahili studies of Eastern Africa a directorate of National Museums of Kenya now offers Swahili classes in Nairobi at the National Museums of Kenya Headquarters.  The Research Institute of Swahili studies of Eastern Africa a directorate of National Museums of Kenya now offers Swahili classes in Nairobi at the National Museums of Kenya Headquarters. Beginner Kiswahili Course Description This is the introduction of Kiswahili language to beginners. It is designed to enable you develop the ability to communicate with other people in Kiswahili. The primary focus is to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Although all these four skills are considered important, special emphasis is put on developing communicative (speaking) language skills. Basic lexicon, grammatical structures will be introduced and highlighted as necessary components towards achieving communicative competence.
Students in Class
Intermediate Kiswahili Course Description A second-level course in Kiswahili deepens and broadens grammatical knowledge and widens the vocabulary, with emphasis on increasing conversational fluency, compositional skills, and study of authentic written texts in standard Swahili. Its design is based on the assumption that the learners have already acquired the fundamental elements of Swahili grammar, can understand and participate in simple conversations, and are proficient enough in Swahili to begin exploring the target culture in a more rigorous manner. It is therefore specifically designed to help the students move to what the Proficiency Level 1: minimal functional proficiency at which a speaker is able to satisfy minimum courtesy requirements and maintain very simple conversations on familiar or rehearsed topics. In order to achieve this goal, the course is organized round authentic reading passages, short stories and a novelette that reflect a range of socio-economic and political aspects pertaining to the Kiswahili-speaking communities of East Africa. The vocabulary presented in context accelerates its learning with respect to language comprehension and production activities. Where students practice reading, that reading will generate other communicative skills. Likewise, oral communicative activities will require some writing or reading in order to accomplish the task. Advance Kiswahili Course Description While continues to emphasize on conversational fluency, comprehensive knowledge of grammar, and on increased facility in reading and writing skills, this course introduces students to Swahili literature through which a survey on cultural aspects and more advanced grammar is undertaken. Students will be able to understand and analyze the main ideas and significant details of materials in Swahili such as magazine articles, short stories, poetry, short novels, films, and plays illustrative of East African cultural aspects and advanced level Kiswahili grammar, as well as development of expository writing skills. Full Immersion "Crash Course" Our full immersion "crash course" caters for students who wish to squeeze as many hours of tuition and knowledge absorption as possible within a limited time frame. The goal is for the student to be conversant in Swahili within 1 week. The full immersion "crash course" starts every Monday, and is of 1 week duration. There is more emphasis on conversation and communication, and less emphasis on grammar for our students choosing the full immersion "crash course". Lessons start every morning at 09:00am and ends at 1:00pm in the afternoon. More lessons offered are:
  • Private Lessons
  • Semi- private Lessons
  • Tailor made Programmes
Registration is underway at the National Museums of Kenya.
Class Excursion
For more information contact: Munira Mohammed Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: +254722611533

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