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Historical Background PDF Print E-mail

Located along Magadi road, an hour's drive and 70kms away from Nairobi,Olorgesailie pre-historic site is world renown as the "factory of stone tools" and the only place in the world with the largest number.

The prominence and accumulation of human tools represents actual camping places of early men and evidence that human species had a tropical origin. The site is in a lake basin that existed about 100,000 to 200'000 years ago.

Researchers, Dr. and Mrs. Leakey, started investigations on the site in 1942 where they found important evidence that concerns the habits and activities of early prehistoric peoples of the Acheuleus or "Hand axe" culture. 

Olorgesailie has excellently preserved biological and cultural evidence about the evolution of man.

Banda overlooking Mt. Olorgesailie
This was made possible by heavy falls of alkaline volcanic ash from the nearby Mt. Suswa and Mt. Longonot, which might have contributed much to the accumulated ash in the lake basin. There is evidence of humid climate during part of the middle Pleistocene that is given by temporary lakes and swamps that exist in the area today. The sediments left by the lake cover an area of 80 km2.

Things to do/ Attractions

  • Museum and site- the museum interprets the pre-historic site. One can then take a walk to see the actual site and the discoveries made here
  • Bird watching- the site is a bird watcher's paradise citing the highest number of migratory bird species in Kenya.
  • Mountain climbing- Mt. Olorgesailie was named after a renown  Maasai elder who   used to meditate and hold meetings with village elders up the mountain. On average it takes 3 hours to ascend and the same to descend best climbed from 5:00 am.
  • Camp site- affordable camping facilities available.
  • Picnic site
  • Baboon camp- congregation of baboons in the evening 1 km from the campsite.


Citizen   Adult: Ksh.300  Child (below 16 years): Ksh.200 
Residents & EA  Adult: Ksh. 400   Child (below 16 years): Ksh.250
Non-Resident Adult: Ksh. 600 Child (below 16 years): Ksh. 300

Deluxe Bandas     
Citizen Single: Ksh. 1,200  Double: Ksh. 1,500 
Residents and EA Single: Ksh. 1,500 Double: Ksh. 1,800
Non-Resident Single: Ksh. 1,800 Double: Ksh.2,000 
Standard Bandas     
 Citizen Single: Ksh 1,000 Double: Ksh. 1,200 
 Residents and EA Single: Ksh. 1,200 Double: Ksh. 1,500
 Non-Resident Single: Ksh. 1,500 Double: Ksh. 1,800 

Other Charges

Mountain Guide fees: Maximum 5pax per guide: Ksh.5,000

Baboon Camp Guide fee: Ksh. 500 per person

Picnic fees per person: Adult Ksh. 200, Child (below 16 years):Ksh. 100 

Museum open Daily at 8:00am- 6:00pm.

Download Olorgesailie Brochure 


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Mt. Olorgesailie
Tour Guide Explains Site
Inside the Banda

Geographical Location PDF Print E-mail
Olorgesailie is located along Magadi Road, an hour's drive and 70 kms away from Nairobi.